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Saturday, June 7, 2014

4 Years

Right, it's almost a month now since I submitted my (bloody 8000-word) dissertation and finished my exam. Went for a roadtrip to Cornwall as graduation trip with my Family-in-Nottingham bunch. 4 days trip, 4 days of laughter and fun. We drove all the way from Nottingham to Cornwall (6 hours!), and rented a cottage there for the 8 of us. There were so many first-times during the trip. First road trip with friends, cooking breakfast for my friends, sleeping on the same bed, playing pool and Wii till late night, cooking dinner together with so many of my friends, and many many more. The scenery in Cornwall is so breathtaking, and the seafoods are simply beyond words! Worth every pence and every minute spent!

It's the 6th month of the year now. Almost a month before my graduation ceremony. I can't describe how I really feel now. After 4 years of hard work, I'm finally graduating (and going to start working soon!). Feeling quite proud of myself for surviving through this tough 4 years (no kidding). Results will only be out in 2 weeks time, until then I shall enjoy my final month in the UK! Not many of my coursemates are still here in the UK. Most of them went home coz they'll be working here for another year so everyone take this opportunity to go home before graduation. Treasuring every second I have left with my friends here. Been having potlucks and meals with different groups of people, all the farewell gatherings, just like last year. Just that I am the one leaving this year....

Plan of the month: travel, pack and plan for family trips in July. Finally going Paris next week after 2 years here. Quite looking forward to it. I hope the robbery and thievery cases there are not as serious as I heard....Going to Dublin and Belfast too after Paris. And after that is time for packing to leave. And planning. I'll be visiting Porto for the second time in July. Not that I'm complaining. Miss the scenery so much!!

In the mood to update just because I just did my IELTS writing test and the writing mood hasn't died down. And will be having speaking test in an hour time. I'm so dead if I can't get at least 7 for each component.....

Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is my second autumn in UK. And it's my final year of study, so it might very well be the last. Despite being very much homesick, the thought of leaving UK for good still makes me feel a bit reluctant. It's been a very interesting, fruitful and enjoyable year here. I'm so gonna miss this place so much after I left.

Anyway, life has to go on. Done half a semester of classes, which means only another 6 weeks to go, and I'm done with all my classes in university. Second semester will focus entirely on final year project, in which we will not have class at all. Not that I'm not happy that I can arrange my time freely, but I do like to attended classes. I wont be seeing most of my classmates anymore if we dont have to go to class. And a number of them will be going oversea to do their external final year project. This might be the last chance to see each other....

Travelling wise, I went to York and Cambridge in October. Both were very beautiful cities, with very classical buildings, delicious food and friendly people. Cambridge is one of the places in UK that I wanted to go the most. Especially University of Cambridge. My friends and I went for plunting in the River Cam, cruising through the hundred-year-old campus of the University of Cambridge. Totally worth a re-visit. Time to plan for another trip for my winter break!

I figured this year might be the last year in university for me to join societies and social with people, so I joined the Knit-a-soc coz of my interest in knitting, and Japanese society; I went to church with my friends, just to have a taste of what it is like to attend a morning service; and I signed up for host family scheme, and currently waiting to visit a local family. My housemates made it sound very interesting, so I really look forward to it, especially I'm going with a new friend I found when I went to the morning service. This week is Nottingham Malaysian Game, and I volunteered this year again as a crew. This time I'll be stationed in the Sports Centre, and I'll be able to watch some games, finally. Yay! Last year I was too busy with the Food Festival in Great Hall, and I missed all the games. Not that I'm complaining, coz at the end of the day I brought a whole lot of food enough to feed all four of my housemates and me. LOL.

Attempted second round application of Pharmalife. Dont really think that I can get a pre-reg here, but I do hope to at least get an interview. Keep getting rejections make me feel so useless. >.< 

Right. This should end my one-month diary for now. Not sure when I will update again, but I will try my best to keep that empty period as short as possible. Cheers. ^-^

Monday, July 22, 2013

After So Long...

It's been almost a year since my last post. So much had happened in this one year, and I haven't had the mood to update. Simply lazy. ^-^

Right. First thing. I've finally completed my third year of study. Not really with flying colours, but at least eligible to progress. It's not really a hectic year, but not the slightest bit easier than the previous years. Next year will be my final year. Definitely not going to be a honeymoon year.

Next thing is, I've done quite a lot of travelling in this one year. Within the UK, I've been to London, Manchester, Brighton, Bath, Salisbury and Birmingham; and a few countries in the Europe. So much of new experiences, new places, new people and new culture. First time living and travelling in countries with four seasons totally gave me some very interesting  and unforgettable experiences and memories. 

There were so many "first times" during this one year. First time performing in the  middle of the city; first birthday away from home and family; first time staying with friends; first time staying so far away from home and family; first time experiencing the change of seasons (cherry blossoms in spring, boating on the lake in the university in summer, yellow and red leaves in the autumn and the white snow in winter) and etc etc etc.....

Summer plan. As I failed to secure myself a summer placement in UK, Malaysia and Singapore, I thought that I should just sit back and relax since this would be my last summer holiday. Took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test; meet up with old friends; stay at home and spend some valuable time with family; watch all the drama and anime in  my harddisk; and make sure that I'm not wasting every single second in Malaysia before I head back to UK for my final year study.

All in all, it was a fruitful year, and I can definitely anticipate another one coming soon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One Month

It's been a month since I left home. Settling in to this new home, class commenced, trying to get myself used to this freakish weather, and started planning for vacations. ^-^ 

So far there's no problem in settling in to this new environment. Walking under constant drizzle and cold breeze and to wake up feeling like you're in a freezer is no fun at all though >.<.Things here are so much different from home. The biggest difference is the weather, and the people here. They're just much more friendlier than the people back at home, so friendly that I dont know how to respond. =.= Still having some difficulty in understanding the accent here. The food here has such a large portion, I never had one portion on my own eversince I came here; some of the grocery here are cheap, and I've been eating mushrooms almost everyday now XD, but the bus fare's like hell; there are no stray animals on the street, no ants, mosquitoes or flies (at least, I haven't seen one); garbage are cleaned once a week; people here are so much into recycling stuffs; even birds here are much fatter than the birds back home.

Class commenced 2 weeks ago. The campus is so huge, and our classes were not located in just in just one building. Although the buildings located quite close to each other, we still spent quite a lot of time trying to find our way to the classrooms. The lecturers are all very friendly, although I'm still trying hard to understand the lectures without falling asleep halfway through. The class size here is much larger than UNMC, and surprisingly there are quite a number of Asians in class. Unfortunately, most probably due to the class size, students dont really socialize with each other, as much as we did back in Malaysia. I've known less than 5 of them since class commenced. Missing UNMC as much as I miss home. The classrooms, the lecturers, the labs, the class size, the weather, even SA food....Everything is enlarged here, even the distance between individuals....

However, I do enjoy this new freedom. I'm free to arrange my own time, at my own will. I'm still pretty much in holiday mood, so I didn't do much study yet. Learning to become independent is a difficult and yet, necessary process.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Start of a New Journey

This is the 6th day of my life, being away from home and family. Been very busy the last few days, I dont even have time to go online and update my blog here.

First day, we arrived in the airport around 6am in the morning. After going through the immigration, getting our luggage and around half an hour of waiting, we get on a minibus and started towards Nottingham. The journey took about 3 hours. Everything here is so foreign and new to me. The weather wasn't so bad, it's cool and windy and yet very sunny. Was suppose to call the landlord but end up making some embarrassing call XD. Apparently the landlord was free to meet up with us, so she left the key outside the house, under a piece of brick beside the door. First impression for the house is that, it's very small, and funny, coz we're suppose to go in from the back door instead of the front, as the front door is linked to one of the room. I took the attic room, which is quite large. ^-^ We did not much on the first day, except meeting the landlord in the afternoon and went out in the evening with senior to do some shopping and to have dinner.

The following few days were mainly shopping and going around the city and also the university, to familiarise ourselves with the place. Things are so different here compare to home. The most obvious difference is the weather. You wont be sweating here just by walking from your house to the nearest bus stop, you need to wear like 2 layers of clothes just so that you wont be freezing, rubbish are supposed to be separated into recyclable and non-recyclable, people are much more polite and friendly(in fact, sometimes TOO friendly XD) here, primary and highschool students here bring mobile phone and apply make up to school, and their uniform's skirt is like super short =.='', and etc etc etc....

Placements started yesterday, and today's the second day if work. To be frank, it's quite boring. We can't do anything related to our course, coz we're untrained. The only thing we can do is to help the staff with simple stuffs like arranging stuffs and stand and observe the pharmacist working, or to work on the workbook that we're suppose to do for the placement. The place is quite far from where we stay, and the bus fare's mad...I just hope these 5 days end quickly. I want my sleep!! Been sleeping for like 5,6 hours a day lately, really miss those days that I can sleep without having to think what time I should wake up. And Hey! Say! JUMP!!! Omg I seriously need to catch up on it soon, I missed out too much!!! XD

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pre-departure Syndrome

It's less than 2 weeks now. Visa received, accommodation confirmed(even internet installation appointment was arranged,thanks to our very kind landlady), flight booked, luggage packed. Currently experiencing the pre-departure syndrome.

First, I'm counting down the time I still have here at home. I can hardly believe that I have less than 2 weeks left here with my family; spending time in own comfy room; kacau-ing my piggy sister talking about non-sense,pointless and only-she-can-understand lame jokes and HSJ stuffs; sleep on my own bed; doing nothing the whole day, just sitting in front of the laptop or lying on the bed and etc...

Second, I found myself craving for Malaysian food very badly recently. Went to Malacca last week and had the long-craved Johor beef noodle, nyonya food and cendol ice. Too bad it was a public holiday+sunday, everywhere we went had a big crowd outside the shop. Many were also closed on that day, so I did not get to eat the famous layered cake, chicken rice ball and we had to go around town for hours to find cendol ice and nyonya food. Must get myself some Japanese food too. Went back to Broga today, just to eat the tomyum and suan la pan mee that I missed when I went back campus the other day. 

Thirdly, busy making appointments to meet with all the friends and family. All my weekends are currently occupied. 

Will be having a new life two weeks later. Looking forward, excited and yet, anxious. Hopefully I'll get used to the new environment soon, and this laptop of mine don't give me any more trouble, as it already had.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

July 2012

It's the fourth day of August. Which means I still have a month and 2 more days at home. Mixed feeling now. Excited, eager to go to a new place and start a new life, and yet reluctant to leave home and my old life. 

My visa is ready for collection. Flight tickets booked. Luggage packing started. Transportation in UK arrangement in progress. Everything seems to go smoothly so far. BUT, my NEWLY bought laptop is giving me such a headache. Since the very day I bought it, which is around 2 months ago, I've been having problem with it. Sound system not working well -> change speaker -> keyboard spoiled and sound system not fixed -> change keyboard, motherboard and speaker -> problem persist -> change new laptop -> laptop restart on it own. =.='' Going to reformat it tomorrow, and I hope this is the LAST time I'm having problem with it. Frustrated by this laptop, and I wasted so much of my holiday time on it. Please don't cause me any more problem when I'm already having so many.

Watched an interesting drama lately. The title of it was Kagi no Kakatta Heya, a.k.a The Locked Room Murders. Please read the summary here. ^-^ Although this is a typically type of mystery solving drama, what's so special about this drama is that, the murder cases occur always involved a locked room, and the attracting point of this drama is to see how the characters unlocked the closed doors and reveal how the trick was done. Makes me wanna read the novel from which this drama was adapted. ^-^